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Risk & My Child

Online course - Learn at your own pace!

Explore 4 simple steps to help your child identify & manage risk with confidence. You'll be with them for the journey so learn more about:

PHYSICAL RISK - Keeping reasonably safe.

EMOTIONAL RISK - Surviving the emotional ups and down.

SOCIAL RISK - Navigating friendships.

ACADEMIC RISK - Doing well at school.

INTELLECTUAL RISK - Thinking independently.

IDENTITY RISK - Maintaining a healthy sense of self.

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Learn to design risk with your child.

Learn this simple process to help your child navigate the uncertainty of the world with confidence.

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1: Identifying risk: Which ones do we consider?

2: Prioritizing risk: Where are our priorities?

3: Planning for risk: What steps can we take?

4: Considering context: Did we miss anything?

What You'll Get

Simple steps to follow

.Clear and concrete steps to guide you when supporting your child face uncertainty and risk. 12 self-paced lessons to guide you step-by-step through the process. A workbook is provided to help you organize your ideas.

Expert advice

Expert advice based on thousands of conversations with parents and children. 5 hours of on-demand videos across the 12 lessons drawing on 20 years' worth of experience as a school principal. The ideas are informed by both educational research and my own journey of raising two daughters across four different countries.

Real-life examples

Clearly illustrated examples of what has consistently worked for families over the years. Each family has a unique situation but we can apply lessons learned to other contexts. The ideas presented are designed to help you reflect on your own unique context.

A focus on relationships

A consistent focus on the way conversations can foster the parent-child relationship through the 4-step process. We consider who we want our children to become and craft our conversations to lead them in that direction. Relationship building is at the heart of the course and is the outcome of your conversations.

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How will I learn?

The course is based on a set of 12 videos with some accompanying notes. Simply listen to the series of videos when you have time. There is no rush.

A workbook is available for you to take notes if you like. Templates are also available to help you organize your ideas along the way.

Go through the lessons at your own pace. Parenthood is a busy place!

Course Contents

UNIT 1 - Who do you want your child to be?

1.1 Introduction and Overview

1.2 Who do I want my child to be?

1.3 Protect or Prepare Dilemma

UNIT 2 - Imagining Risk

2.1 The Diversity of Risk

2.2 The Potential of Risk

UNIT 3 - Identifying Focus

3.1 Risks that Matter

3.2 An Opportunity to Listen

UNIT 4 - Planning Action

4.1 Being Prepared

4.2 Predicting the Unpredictable

UNIT 5 - Considering Context

5.1 We always miss something!

5.2 Maintaining a Mine Shaft Mindset

UNIT 6 - Maintaining the Momentum

6.1 Troubleshooting

About the Author

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Damian Rentoule is an international school principal in Japan. With a PhD in education and over twenty years' worth of conversations with parents about children and risks, this course is a distillation of thousands of these conversations - all the advice given and lessons learned summed up in 4 simple steps.

Is your child ready for the risks they are set to face?

Get ready!




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