Risk & my child

Is your child ready for the uncertainty of the world they are about to enter?

Four simple steps to help your child face risk with confidence.

Do you want your child to be more confident when facing challenges?

This course is for parents who would like to support their children to become more independent in the face of risk and uncertainty.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a step-by-step plan to help your child navigate the challenges they will certainly face as they move through life.


A step by step guide to help your child face risk and uncertainty with independence and confidence.



Each lesson has a video with supporting notes. Easy access whenever you have time.


Hours of video

Access at your own pace.

You’ll consider…

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identifying risk

Which risks do we consider?

prioritizing risk

Where are our priorities?

planning for risk

What steps can we take?

considering context

Did we miss anything?

Course Breakdown

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The protect of prepare dilemma?

Welcome! We will look at who we want our children to become and the benefits of thoughtful risk-taking for children. In order to experience the world and lead a full life, we need to embrace risk, but in a thoughtful way! Do we protect our children from the world or do we prepare them for it? What if we could do both?


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the diversity of risk & its potential

Let's consider what is really out there. Risk is found in the most surprising places. By considering a broader range of risks than we may normally do, we can help our children to prepare for a wider variety of risks and avoid over-stressing specific ones.


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searching for the risks that matter

Not all risks are equal. We'll identify priorities to help you better manage risk. Don't be surprised if what you are anxious about is not what your child is anxious about. You'll find common ground and learn about each other in the process.


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Preparing for the risks that matter

You'll help your child to build a plan to manage the identified risk. Your child will not only be preparing for these risks, but they'll also be building valuable self-management skills in the process. We can all use some practice thinking analytically and planning carefully.


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What did we miss?

One thing we know about risk is that we always miss something. In this part of the course, you'll help your child to practice some valuable reflective thinking skills. It's always useful to look back once again after we've been learning.


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keeping the conversations going

In order to keep the conversations going, you'll consider several potential problems that you may face along the way. These conversations with your child about identifying and managing risk are a long-term investment and well worth your time, even as you experience bumps in the road along the way.


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About the Instructor

Damian Rentoule is an international school principal in Japan. With a PhD in education and over twenty years' worth of conversations with parents about children and risks, this course is a distillation of thousands of these conversations - all the advice given and lessons learned summed up in 4 simple steps.

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